8 Benefits Of Performance Testing

Are you a newbie in the field of software development and want to know about performance testing? Well, it is an extremely interesting topic which has a great importance in application development. The subject deals with speed, stability and scalability of a software application. The testing results helps you to pin point the areas you need to further improvise in a newly developed software product.

To avoid various problems, it is absolutely essential to test how useful and effective an application is, before it is launched in the market. Sometimes you may face a situation when the software you developed, may run very slowly especially when multiple users are using it at a time. This may create some inconsistencies and affect different operating systems. To resolve this issue you will have to tackle poor visibility also as it is a common outcome of such situation.

By tracking the performance of an application, you will become 100% equipped with all the practical information you need to know to evaluate a product’s performance that will help you to up-grade the features really need to be revised.

However if you wish to go deeper into this area of quality checking, you should come to understand, that this test involves factors like response time and transaction rates including resource utilization. Once the testing result is revealed it becomes much easier for you to eliminate to eliminate bottlenecks that restricting the software work as it is desired to function.

However, to get a clear idea about the exact benefits of testing the performance criteria of an application, go through the following points:

  • You can easily determine how some aspect of a particular system is working in terms of speed in specified situation during tackling workload.
  • It allows you to assess how the system is performing when judged from the different aspect and criteria.
  • It can also work effectively in case you need to compare two systems to evaluate their performance more effectively.
  • It helps you to identify the loopholes which make the system work in a less efficient way.
  • The test results work as the only effective tool in your hand to create highest performing application that offers the optimum level of customer satisfaction.   .
  • It minimizes the chance of system failure which require scrapping and writing off the system development effort due to performance objective failure.
  • It has additional advantage of controlling late system deployment and system rework due to poor performances.
  • By eliminating all the low performance criteria you cut down expenses caused by inefficient performance of the software.

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