Inventory management System

Inventory management system deals with end to end inventory management procedure that simplifies entire functional aspects a distributer may require improving the operational efficiency of the business with an increased sales return.

Our Inventory management System is a powerful, feature-rich at the same time easy to use application that automates and monitors entire stock management, covering total tracking of every item, warehouse management, order fulfillment, synchronizing data, maintaining accounts, including shipping and consignment management that finally helps increasing sales to reach the business targets.

We have developed this application with a wide spectrum vision which makes it equally useful for businesses handling limited number of channels with one or two warehouses as well as big businesses with a record number of channels and chain of warehouses in multiple locations.



  • This software provides you the tool to integrate all the channels you are handling and manage them from one centralized location making it much easier to operate.
  • It saves time and hazard of manual work and carryout various intricate duties related to inventory management.
  • Our system perfectly integrates with different online sales platforms such as eBay, Amazon and many more.
  • With the help of this multi-channel inventory management application you can easily connect your inventory with other channels. This allows you to get a transparent view about the stock levels of various items. So when a sale takes place the other related e-commerce sites automatically get the information and make the necessary adjustments to reflect the transaction.
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Available Features

  • Product Master
  • Stock Purchase
  • Stock Control
  • Dealer wise Financial Account Management
  • Beat wise Report
  • Salesman wise report