Magento Migration Services

Magento is one of the most flexible, vast and trusted eCommerce platforms that allows user to create and manage a website on both B2B as well as B2C business operations. It is an open-source eCommerce system developed in the PHP form distributed under an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved by the Open Software License (OSL) v3.0. Magento eCommerce solution fulfills all your eCommerce needs seamlessly and has your business objectives covered.

How Magento is one of the best eCommerce frameworks?

  • Personalized content & Customer segmentation
  • Contains user-friendly features
  • Better Mobile Commerce
  • Global outreach
  • Data-driven, Efficient & Intelligent Operations
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Mucheco Magento Development

We, at Mucheco, have over seven years of expertise and more than twelve thousand man-hours of project experience in Magento to help you find your solution. We can help you design third party integrations, out-of-the-box features or any other extensions that you may want. With Magento, you automatically elevate yourself into an elite class of technology users across the globe. Be it a small business, mid-market or large enterprise solutions, Magento can help you achieve your dream. With B2B e-commerce growing at an exponential rate and more than 90% of business-to-business buyers preferring to purchase online, with self-serve information, directly from the vendors, you will be left behind if you cannot leverage on this opportunity. We, at Mucheco, can help you tailor your distribution through B2B, Omni-channel, mobile commerce using our latest digital transformation technologies using Magento.

Why is it important Upgrading to Magento 2?

Magento has officially announced it will end support for version 1 websites after June 2020. If not upgraded to Magento 2 right away, websites will be easy targets for spam attacks, security breaches, and server attacks. Apart from all this, there will be limited functionalities on a website where users will face slow performance increasing the chances of difficulty for them to navigate the website, thereby resulting in a decrease in traffic, customers and sales for business owners.

Benefits you will have after upgrading:

  • A faster loading page
  • More flexibility with many personalized features
  • Better security and enhanced payment gateways
  • Effortless extension updates
  • A Responsive platform that works on any device
  • A user-friendly administration panel
  • Improved Front-end development

Do you really need magento 2 migration?

The answer is Yes! For one thing, Magento will remove support for version 1 websites in June 2020. If you were to have any issues with your Magento setup, then, there would be no guidance available. Additionally, since the launch of Magento 2 upgrade service, the eCommerce system developers stopped adding new features to Magento 1. You’re missing out on a lot without a Magento 2 upgrade.


Key Features

PSD to Magento 2

Retain your existing design PSD and make your new Magento site more responsive or change it to a more user-friendly and enhance UX.

Magento 2 Extension Development

While developing your extensions we carefully upload your existing content into Magento root directory using FTP client.

API Integration

Any Magento or third-party service can be configured as web API with a few lines of XML. With the Magento web APIs one can create a Shopping app, integrate with existing or new CRM/ERP or integrate with a CMS.

Module development and Shopping cart development

In Magento 2 store, we can develop a persistent cart to decrease the abandonment cart. The persistent cart allows storing the item/product in the shopping cart the customers have not completed yet even when they sign out of your site.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

This is the first step in migration whereby we migrate all your existing data from your Magento 1 site to the new one once the installation is set up.

Magento 2 Theme Development

There are a lot of themes available to choose for your new Magento site, or we can create a customized theme for you, keeping in mind your business goals and your product/service offerings.

Custom E-commerce Store Design and Development

You may choose to subsume the new theme to your online store, thus maintaining your corporate identity.

Performance Optimization

This involves the process of monitoring, analyzing and identifying ways to improve the performance of your new Magento 2 site.

Maintenance and Support

We continue to provide and extend our technical support towards your new Magento 2 website by reminding you of timely patches and updates even after you have gone live.