Offshore Software development Methodology

In Offshore development, the entire project is done at offshore development location AND the client will be dealing directly with the offshore team located in India. Team will have face-to-face interaction with the client using video conferencing tool during the entire process once the initial interaction with the client regarding their requirements and expectations is over from Business Analyst Team. As the project progresses, both the parties will be correspond regularly through any mode of communication.

The offshore software development is preferred where the project is well planned in advance to its commencement and the outsourcing partner's team has a clear understanding about client's real needs.

Benefits of Offshore Development:

  • Reduced costs - Advantage of low labour cost.
  • Outstanding results - Clients can get high quality work from the skilled offshore team.
  • No extra expenditure - No infrastructure needed to complete their task.
  • Access to various skilled resources: Client can have access to the best possible technology, skilled manpower and equipments.
  • 24/7 output: Project is not affected by time-zone difference and overnight work can be done on IST time.

Mucheco' group of engineers and software engineers are capable in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, .Net, C++, MSSQL, Oracle, IIS, Tomcat, AS3, Flex, XML, Web Services, API, Ruby and Java. These experts have years of area involvement in conceptualization, advancement and arrangement. Understanding the dynamic way of IT industry, our experts are regularly prepared on the up and coming advances and headways.

software development methodology

Our offshore product development service doesn’t end at the development and deployment stage. We understand the complexities incur after the deployment stage and hence provide product support and enhancement service as well. Our team will provide technical support in increasing the product’s lifecycle and upgrading it as per the market demand.

For existing customers we offer an Offshore Staffing Model, which allows you to coordinate with dedicated and expert developers, analysts, researchers and managers on fulltime basis based at our office. Once the team is formed, both parties will agree on a mutually beneficial contract. Afterwards, your company will select a Project Manager internally or appoint Dedicated Account Manager who will be in charge of the project and lead the team. In order to make sure that the Business Partner remains in control of all the operations and is always informed about the current status of the project, we adopted an extensive Project Management System.

Our Dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for the supervision and administrative issues of the virtual team, and be able to report to the Business Partner at any time. Once the administrative formalities are settled, the Offshore-Staffing Project starts.